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“WOW, this wireless curler is absolutely amazing. It's a must-have girls.”
—Julie C., The Curler customer

Curly™ - Pro Ceramic Curler

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No cables, no need for special skills, no more curling stylers that weigh a ton. Curl your hair anywhere in seconds!

● Easy to use ● Bidirectional rotation technology ● Large LCD display, personalized temperature and timer settings

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30 days satisfied or refunded

Included in the box

- 1x Curly with its LCD screen and its bidirectional rotative feature (vers la gauche ou la droite)

- A high-speed USB charging cable

- A travel case

- A comb

- 2x hair clips

- A user manuel

Minuter settings

Your Curly has a timer that can be set from 8 to 18 seconds, depending on the type of curls you want. 8 to 10 seconds for a slightly curly effect, 12 to 14 seconds for a wavy effect and 14 to 18 seconds for fully curly hair!

Heat settings

More than 6 different temperature modes: 150°C, 160°C, 170°C, 180°C , 190°C et 200°C.


25.5 cm x 12.94 cm x 7.6 cm



(1.45 lbs)

Autonomy and recharging

Up to 120 minutes of battery life for a recharge time of approximately 55 minutes.

Practical guide

Curly is extremely easy to use!

1. Charge-it during 55 minutes.

2. Turn it on using the button at the bottom right.

3. Set up the timer and temperature using the LCD display.

4. Place a wick inside the device.

5. Press the Start button at the top of your Curly.

6. Remove your hair as soon as you hear the 3 beeps! That's all!

All our packages are shipped within a maximum delay of 24/48 hours.

To have the Curly device repaired or replaced, it must be returned to us with postage paid and insured. This warranty does not apply to damage which we believe to be due to repairs made or attempted by anyone other than authorized personnel of The Curler, including misuse, alteration, abuse, normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance or accidents. For any questions regarding the warranty, please send an email to our customer support:

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, accident, liquids including, but not limited to, water, lotions, attachment of any unauthorized accessory, tampering product, improper use, unauthorized repairs or modifications, misuse of the power supply, loss of power, variation in line voltage, product drop, malfunction or damage to the product. '' a functioning part due to lack of maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, damage due to transport, theft, neglect, vandalism or environmental conditions, loss of use during the period in which the product is in use. found in The Curler's repair shop or awaiting parts or repairs or any other condition beyond The Curler's control.

No More Cables, No Skills Required, No More Heavy Curling Irons,

Curl your hair anywhere, in a few seconds!

❤ Easy to use - Say Goodbye to your traditional hair iron and to your curling stick! No need to worry anymore about finding a nearby plug for your curler. Curly is ultra simple to use and it takes a few seconds to get used to using it. 

❤ Two-Way Rotation Technology - simply change the curling direction (left or right) on the LCD Screen, place your wick inside and let Curly do the job! 


❤ USB Cable Provided - less than two hours to fully charge your Curly

 Ionic Ceramic Technology - Curly is made of professional ceramic tourmaline which produces negative ions to seal moisture and softens your hair, protecting each of your cuticles while eliminating frizz and static electricity.

❤ Large LCD Screen, Personalized Temperature & Timer Settings - adjustable temperature (150-200°), curling power and timer (8-18 seconds) on the LCD Screen. 

❤ Comb, USB Cable, Carry Pouch - Your Curly includes a USB cable, a comb, a carry pouch and much more. 

❤ 30-Day Return Policy - Our Curly comes with a 30-Day Return Policy. Simply get in touch with us and we will send you a new one!


Few easy steps to follow to use your Curly:  

1. Hold down the power button until the screen turns on. You can use the 2 available buttons (the power button and the arrow) to adjust the desired settings.

Choose from the many possible features and settings, the one or those that suit you best! You can infinitely adjust the timer, temperature and loop direction.

2. Place a wick in the device, then press and hold the oval starter button until you hear the beep sound.

TIP: For a natural curl effect, focus only on the lower part of your hair, as far away from the roots as possible!

3. When you hear three consecutive beeps, release the pressure on the oval button and simply pull your hair out of your Curly!

.IMPORTANT: You can remove your hair at any time, even during the heating and curling process! There is no risk that your hair will get stuck in the device.
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